2024 0211 Blueberry Valentine Pack | :::ChicChica:::@Collabor88

All you need is love

--- Blueberry

Blueberry (V-Day Special 2/24) - Kare Tank Top

Blueberry (V-Day Special 2/24) - Natalia Flares&Capris

--- :::ChicChica:::@Collabor88

:::ChicChica::: Crystal Fizz

--- Avatar

Stealthic - Cynical

[Glam Affair] Nila [Lelutka EvoX] Porcelain B (Uber)


AG. Transcendence Eyes - 01 - M

::Loa:: Nieva Blush Set ~eyes *pink*~ 100% [BOM]

Shiny Stuffs EvoX Soft Glossy Gloss 17


JunaTucano tattoo UltraLight Classic Avatar

RAWR! Happiness Nails eBody Reborn

RAWR! Happiness Rings eBody Reborn

Blueberry  - Kare - Tank Top - Waifu

Blueberry - Natalia Flare Jeans- CutieBootie - eBody REBORN

Blueberry - Socialite - 3 Height Boots - Ebody Reborn

:::ChicChica::: Kate earrings

:::ChicChica::: Crystal Fizz R (Collabor88)

--- Scene

:::ChicChica::: Crystal glass DECO (Collabor88)

:::ChicChica::: Crystal Fizz DECO (Collabor88)

:::ChicChica::: Sugar heart bowl DECO

:::ChicChica::: Sugar heart jelly DECO

:::ChicChica::: Rose cupcake dispenser

:::ChicChica::: Bottle of champagne

:::ChicChica::: Bottle DECO

:::ChicChica::: Coffee cake DECO

:::ChicChica::: Coffee cake dispenser

:::ChicChica::: Fig Cake dispenser

:::ChicChica::: Opened bottle DECO

:::ChicChica::: Bottle DECO

:::ChicChica::: Love Wine Dispenser

:::ChicChica::: Rose in vase DECO

Dahlia - Tori - Cabinet - Cream

Dahlia - Denmark - Heart Stool - Gold - PG

Dahlia - Faith - Steppe Mouse

Dahlia - Faith - Albino Mouse

DRD - Vintage clutter - Flower jug

DRD - Vintage clutter - Kitchenware

DRD - Eclectic Kitchen - Stove

DRD - Eclectic Kitchen - Fridge ADULT

DRD - Eclectic Kitchen - Cabinet A

DRD - Eclectic Kitchen - Shelf A

{anc} chemical sparks

E.V.E Flowers of the Mist

Mutresse-Chilling (wear)-Witty Cats

JIAN Forest Cats

--- Pose

Le Poppycock *Strawberry Sky* - Just the sight of you

:::ChicChica::: Crystal Fizz R

+ Animare