2023 0324 UNA@Neo Japan | andika@Neo Japan


 ---UNA.@Neo Japan (Mar 25 12PM SLT-)

UNA. Crux

--- andika@Neo Japan

andika{TAIYAKI Ice cream}

--- Avatar

DOUX - Pixie Hairstyle

[Glam Affair] Vivian [Lelutka EvoX] Snow B (Skin Fair)

LeLUTKA Vivian Head EvoX (Skin Fair)

Gloom. - Android Collection - Blue Robotic M

Shiny Stuffs EvoX Face Seam Silver

Shiny Stuffs EvoX Sitting Pretty 3 75%

::Loa:: Nieva Blush Set ~cheeks *Shine*~ (add after blush)

::Loa:: Nieva Blush Set ~eyes *Shine*~ (add after blush)

::Loa:: Nieva Blush Set ~cheeks *pink*~ 80% [BOM]

::Loa:: Nieva Blush Set ~eyes *pink*~ 100% [BOM]

[LEGACY] Meshbody (f)

RAWR! Foxy Rings Legacy

RAWR! Innocence Nails Legacy

UNA. Crux Leg White Legacy (Neo Japan)

right-wear/andika{TAIYAKI Ice cream} unicorn Pink (Neo Japan)

--- Scene

andika{TAIYAKI Ice cream} (Neo Japan)

andika[potion ]A

JIAN Forest Cats

SEKA's Screen/d Head (Eyes)


[The Forge] Ocullas Headset.

psiNaN Holocle Visor

DRD - Xantis - Cubees  foodstand

DRD - Xantis - Cubees - empty plate

DRD - Xantis - Chef-o-mat

DRD - Xantis - Juice-o-mat

DRD - Xantis - Space Wall Chachki 1

taikou / fruit crepe (display) .mod

{anc} chemical sparks

E.V.E Flowers of the Mist

--- Pose

Le Poppycock *Modern Condition* - Fearlessly authentic

+ right-wear/andika{TAIYAKI Ice cream} unicorn Pink