2022 0803 Aleutia@Fameshed | andika@Anthem

power lunch
--- [Aleutia]@Fameshed

[Aleutia] Cho Top

[Aleutia] Cho Leather Skirt

[Aleutia] Cho Moccasin Boots

--- andika@Anthem

andika{power lunch}Dispenser Set

--- Avatar

Stealthic - Rewind

[Glam Affair] Pam Layer [Lelutka EvoX] Porcelain B (The Fifty)


AG. Glory Eyes - BoM - 401 - A

eBODY REBORN - Juicy Boobs

RAWR! Happiness Nails

RAWR! Happiness Rings

THIS IS WRONG Antique I Tattoo FADED - BoM

[Aleutia] Cho Top - FATPACK - eBody Juicy

[Aleutia] Cho Leather Skirt - FATPACK - eBody Reborn (Fameshed)

[Aleutia] Cho Moccasin Boots - FATPACK - eBody Reborn (Fameshed)

--- Scene

andika{power lunch}grill pan (Anthem)

andika{power lunch}A-Dispenser (Anthem)

andika{power lunch}B-Dispenser (Anthem)

andika wine glass/B(empty)-Decor (Anthem)

andika{power lunch} kitten-Dispenser (Anthem)

andika{power lunch}Wine-Dispenser (Anthem)

andika cutting board-light brown (Anthem)

andika cutting board-darker brown (Anthem)

Dahlia - La Riviera - Shiraz Wine Dispenser

Dahlia - Tranquility - Baby Breath Cage Vase - Silver

DRD Boho Loft - Table

DRD - Garden Party - Bonfire Chair - Five

DRD - Scarlett Hotel - Bistro bar

DRD - Scarlett Hotel - Bistro stool

DRD - Scarlett Hotel - Bistro bar cabinet

DRD - Scarlett Hotel - Kitchen - Stove

DRD - Scarlett Hotel - Kitchen - Pantry closet

{anc} chemical sparks

E.V.E Flowers of the Mist

JIAN Forest Cats

--- Pose

Le Poppycock *Fruit Juice* - All at once