2022 0625 !dM deviousMind@Fameshed X | Harajuku Event - Loa ++ DON'T DUP | DISORDERLY. The Saturday Sale June 25

song of mandrake
--- !dM deviousMind@Fameshed X

!dM deviousMind "Switch" **SHEER LATEX**

--- Harajuku Event

::Loa:: Yua Skin ~Lel EVO X/ VELOUR & Loa tones

DON'T DUP Asian Triad Scarification Tattoo

--- DISORDERLY. The Saturday Sale June 25

DISORDERLY. / Venetian Summer /

--- Avatar

Stealthic - Rewind

::Loa:: Yua Skin ~LeLutka EVO X Heads~ (Porcelain) (Harajuku Event)

::Loa:: Blush for eyes ~LeLutka EVO X~ *(TINT)* [BOM]

::Loa:: Blush for cheeks ~LeLutka EVO X~ *(TINT)* [BOM]

::Loa:: Blush for nose ~LeLutka EVO X~ *(TINT)* [BOM]

LeLUTKA / HEAD / lel EvoX ORA 3.1

{S0NG} :: Juljana Eyes - Moon

Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara

DON'T DUP Asian Triad Scarification Tattoo-FADE- EVOX (Harajuku Event)

DON'T DUP Asian Triad Scarification Tattoo-FADE-B&M (Harajuku Event)

!dM Switch - LARA Harness **BLACK LATEX**

!dM Switch - LARA LatexShorts **SHEER LATEX**

!dM Switch - LARA GarterBottoms **SHEER LATEX**

!dM Switch - LARA StrappedBoots **SHEER LATEX** (left)

!dM Switch - LARA StrappedBoots **SHEER LATEX** (right)

--- Scene

DISORDERLY. / Venetian Summer /

:FNY: Designs - Clematis Viticella Blue

[SOMNIUM] Mandrake Troupe

Simply Shelby Ancient Gate Ruin Set


{anc} chemical sparks

E.V.E Flowers of the Mist

--- Pose

Stardust - Guardian - 03 Bento Pose