2020 0918 W-Zero@Engine Room

Steamy Sky

--- W-ZERO@Engine Room (Sep 20~)

-  -00-SteamPunk Gacha



-00-SteamPunk-ArmcoverA_Brown L

-00-SteamPunk-ArmcoverA_Brown R

-00-SteamPunk-ArmcoverB_Brown L

-00-SteamPunk-ArmcoverB_Brown R

-00-SteamPunk-Legbelt_Brown L_Unrigged


--- Avatar

Tableau Vivant \\ Indoor/Outdoor

[Glam Affair] Destiny Layer [Lelutka] 005 C (Collabor88)

[Glam Affair] - Destiny - Eyeliner (A) (Collabor88)

[Glam Affair] Destiny  Lips Gloss (C) (Collabor88)


AG. Bijou Eyes

W-ZERO -00-SteamPunk-Headband_Brown

W-ZERO -00-SteamPunk-Dress_Red

W-ZERO -00-SteamPunk-ArmcoverA_Brown L

W-ZERO -00-SteamPunk-ArmcoverA_Brown R

W-ZERO -00-SteamPunk-ArmcoverB_Brown L

W-ZERO -00-SteamPunk-ArmcoverB_Brown R

W-ZERO -00-SteamPunk-Legbelt_Brown L_Unrigged

W-ZERO -00-SteamPunk-Boots_Brown

--- Scene

DRD - San Mora - Survival Raft

DRD - Steampunk Airship - Air

MadPea Captain Burbridge's Booty - Ship's Wheel

MadPea Captain Burbridge's Booty - Wooden stool

MadPea Captain Burbridge's Booty - Cannon

MadPea Road Rage - Ticket Booth

The Looking Glass TLG - The Tower

Bdrop // Baviera Photo Village 02 #RARE 01

Bdrop // Baviera Photo Village 01 #ULTRARARE

{anc} chemical sparks {fire}

{anc} leaping sparks {holo}

E.V.E Flowers of the Mist

*HEXtraordinary* Lord Bartleby Von Tinkleton Esq. - Wanderer (Rez)

--- Pose

Le Poppycock *Just Alice* - The Big Picture