2020 0723 Mainframe - The Forge ++ SEKA | The Epiphany - The Forge ++ Olive ++ MINIMAL


--- Mainframe

 - [The Forge]

[The Forge] Skyline Blade, ( Cosmetic )


  SEKA's Cyberlita Screen
  SEKA's Cyberlita Hand (Legacy F) L
  SEKA's Cyberlita Hand (Legacy F) R

--- The Epiphany (Mirror)

 - [The Forge] Helena Gacha by Deccan Arida

  [The Forge] Helena Jacket, Legacy
  [The Forge] Helena Shorts, Legacy

 - .Olive. the Swim or Dive Hair Gacha by .Olive.

  .Olive. the Swim Hair // Split RARE

 - MINIMAL - Junkyard Scene Gacha by MINIMAL

  MINIMAL - Junkyard Black Car with Blanket
  MINIMAL - Junkyard Red Car with Blanket
  MINIMAL - Junkyard Car Duo Brown&Pink
  MINIMAL - Junkyard Car Duo Brown&Red
  MINIMAL - Junkyard Metal Scrap

--- Avatar

.Olive. the Swim Hair // Split RARE (The Epiphany)
[Glam Affair] Iris Layer [Lelutka] 004 D
[Glam Affair] Iris - Blush (B)
[LEGACY] Meshbody (f)
SEKA's Cyberlita Screen (Mainframe)
SEKA's Cyberlita Hand (Legacy F) L (Mainframe)
SEKA's Cyberlita Hand (Legacy F) R (Mainframe)
[The Forge] Helena Jacket, Legacy (The Epiphany)
[The Forge] Helena Shorts, Legacy (The Epiphany)
[The Forge] Skyline Blade,  (Mainframe)

--- Scene

MINIMAL - Junkyard Black Car with Blanket
MINIMAL - Junkyard Red Car with Blanket
MINIMAL - Junkyard Car Duo Brown&Pink
MINIMAL - Junkyard Car Duo Brown&Red
MINIMAL - Junkyard Metal Scrap
DRD - Prison Yard - Fence Wide - Torn
DRD - Prison Yard - Speaker Light
DRD - San Mora - Building - E 1
DRD - San Mora - City Signs - Wall Sign - A
DRD - Building Remnants - Destroyed
DRD - Apocalyptic Hideout - Building
DRD - Acid Rain Lookout Post
DRD - Suicide Booth
DRD - The Reanimator - Cables
E.V.E Flowers of the Mist
{anc} chemical sparks {dust}
MI Robo Skeleton Avatar v2
Foxes - Urban Fallout - Hound - Grey

--- Pose

Poseidon - Elf Warrior 4