Feb 18, 2020

2020 0218 A&Y@ROMP


--- A&Y@ROMP

  A&Y Jane dress (Legacy) - multicolor

--- Avatar

A&Y Medusa Cyber hair 2 - multicolor
[Glam Affair] Delilah Layer [Lelutka] 002 E (Access)
[Glam Affair] Delilah - Brow Definer HD (Access)
-Elemental- 'Magic' Animated Eyes
[LEGACY] Meshbody (f)
alme. Mesh Stiletto Nails - Metals French
A&Y Jane dress (Legacy) - multicolor (ROMP)

--- Scene

Junk Food - Dango Stick (Color)
taikou / fruit crepe (wearable)
taikou / shumai (pork dumpling)
taikou / xiaolongbao (soup dumpling)
taikou / hargow (shrimp dumpling)
taikou / dim sum steamer (single)
taikou / dim sum steamer (stacked)
PLAAKA VietnumFruitsBicycle
Apple Fall Hanging Wicker Basket
D-LAB SP3-08-SKY food town-shop03-nikuman
D-LAB SP3-14-SKY food town-shop09-syumai
D-LAB SP3-06-SKY food town-shop01-syouronpou
DRD - Trailer Park - Large Trailer Curtain - RARE c/m
DRD - New Years Aftermath - Gold Streamer - 4
DRD - Grimy Cobblestone Streets - Cobble Square
{anc} chemical sparks {dust}
E.V.E Flowers of the Mist

JIAN Chicken Collection :: Held
xin. kolouk husky (cookies!)
psiNaN Holocle Visor

--- Pose

Poseidon - Savage Lands 1