2020 0209 Enchantment The Princess Bride Round - NAMINOKE & Cinoe & NG Designs

The Princess Bride

--- Enchantment The Princess Bride Round

 - NAMINOKE - Buttercup Head Accessories

  *N*ButterCup_Head_L yellow

 - [Cinoe] Flower and SeaDining table and Chair

  [Cinoe] Wedding glasses (decor)
  [Cinoe] Wedding Placemat dish include (decor)
  [Cinoe] Wedding Placemat (decor)
  [Cinoe] Wedding Soup (decor)
  [Cinoe] Wedding Appetizer (decor)
  [Cinoe] Wedding Fish (decor)
  [Cinoe] Wedding Meat (decor)
  [Cinoe] Wedding Dessert (decor)
  [Cinoe] Dining table
  [Cinoe] Dining chair

 - NG Designs

  NG Designs- The Bewitched Abode

--- Avatar

Tableau Vivant \\ Vampy Mama
[Glam Affair] Thora Layer [Lelutka] 005 A (uber)
[Glam Affair] Thora - Lip Gloss (C) (uber)
Avi-Glam Starry Eyes
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Blueberry - 7th Birthday - Sundress - Maitreya
NAMINOKE - *N*ButterCup_Head_L yellow (Enchantment)

--- Scene

[Cinoe] Wedding glasses (decor)
[Cinoe] Wedding Placemat dish include (decor)
[Cinoe] Wedding Placemat (decor)
[Cinoe] Wedding Soup (decor)
[Cinoe] Wedding Appetizer (decor)
[Cinoe] Wedding Fish (decor)
[Cinoe] Wedding Meat (decor)
[Cinoe] Wedding Dessert (decor)
[Cinoe] Dining table
[Cinoe] Dining chair
NG Designs - The Bewitched Abode
Dahlia - Vintage Memories - Vanity - RARE 1
Dahlia - Vintage Memories - Vanity Chair - RARE 2
Dahlia - Vintage Memories - Fancy Jars
Dahlia - Vintage Memories - Perfume - Blue
Dahlia - Vintage Memories - Flower in Cup
Dahlia - Vintage Memories - Blooming Flowers - Pink
Dahlia - Newport - Vintage Monochromatic - Books - Black
DRD - MB small chandelabra 4candles
DRD - MB large chandelabra
DRD - MM3 - Old Chair
DRD - MM3 - Old Sofa
DRD - MM3 - Eowyns Hope Chest
The Looking Glass TLG - Winter's Love Floor Twinkles Heavy with Hearts

--- Pose

{NANTRA} Yorrick 2M