Jun 22, 2019

2019 0622 Eclipse Event - TWC, BYRNE & Hotdog | Harajuku Event - Flores, Bloom, uzu & Florix

☮School of Rock☮

--- Eclipse Event

 - The White Crow

  -[TWC]- Skull Ribbon ll -L- (Black Star)
  -[TWC]- Skull Ribbon ll -R- (Black Star)

 - (BYRNE)

  (BYRNE) StarFace Tattoo-OMEGA

 - Hotdog

  Hotdog - WinklePickers . Oil leather - Maitreya

--- Harajuku Event

 - Gloom.

  Gloom. - Anime Collection - Pink Eyes

 - [uzu]

  :[uzu]: Pieces of You and Me. K01

 - .Florix. - Fashion Gothic

  .Florix. Candles
  .Florix. Fashion candlestick PINK
  .Florix. Fashion candlestick PURPLE
  .Florix. Fashion candlestick RED
  .Florix. Fashion candlestick ROSE
  .Florix. Led crosses BLUE
  .Florix. Led crosses GREEN
  .Florix. Led crosses PINK
  .Florix. Led crosses PURPLE
  .Florix. Led crosses RED
  .Florix. Led crosses YELLOW
  .Florix. Rose Petals - floor/red
  .Florix. Rose Petals - flying/red
  .Florix. Traditional candlestick BLACK
  .Florix. Traditional candlestick GOLD
  .Florix. Traditional candlestick GREY
  .Florix. Traditional candlestick RED

 - FLORES Body & Soul

  FLORES (Virtue Pose Pack) 03

--- Avatar

tram H0919 hair
Glam Affair Misa 005
.LeLutka. Bento Head Aida
Gloom. - Anime Collection - Pink Eyes (Harajuku Event)
-[TWC]-Skull Ribbon ll - (Black Star) (Eclipse Event)
(BYRNE) StarFace Tattoo-OMEGA (Eclipse Event)
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
[uzu] Pieces of You and Me. K01 (Harajuku Event)
Hotdog Hotdog - WinklePickers . Oil leather - Maitreya (Eclipse Event)

--- Scene

.Florix. - Fashion Gothic (Harajuku Event)
[Tecmac] Old Classroom UBUME ver
*TecMac* [School Kit]
AsteroidBox. Darling, I'm A Mess - Record Player - Red
{anc} cracked glass (mist)
{anc} chemical sparks {fire}
E.V.E Sunny Spells M03-IRIS
E.V.E Flowers of the Mist

--- Pose

FLORES Body & Soul (Virtue Pose Pack) 03 (Harajuku Event)