Mar 3, 2019

2019 0303 We Love Role-Play - NAMINOKE & Sweet Kajira | Enchantment - no.match & Runic & .:Tm:. Creation & MooLoo & Stardust


--- We Love Role-Play March Round starts March 4th 1PM SLT~


  *N*small flower's crown wht
  *N*Chinese lantern dryad L red
  *N*Chinese lantern dryad R red

 - (Sweet Kajira)

  * SK* Aina FATPACK Maitrerya

--- Enchantment

 - no.match

  no.match_  NO_REFUGE pendant

 - .: Runic :.

  .: Runic :. Mythra Staff 

 - MooLoo

  MooLoo - The Shire Tattoo FRESH

 - {LORE}

  {LORE} Elven Gazebo (with ivy)
  {LORE} Elven Table Set

 - .:Tm:. Creation

  [The Magic Ring] Fantasy Scene GM23

 - Stardust

  Stardust - Guardian - 04 Bento Pose

--- Avatar

no.match NO_REFUGE hair (Enchantment)
no.match NO_REFUGE pendant (Enchantment)
[Glam Affair] Calire 005
ANATOMY - Tiered Eyes - Neon Green
[Trap][Gauze] Djinn Ears
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
MooLoo - The Shire Tattoo FRESH (Enchantment)
(Sweet Kajira) * SK* Aina FATPACK Maitrerya (We Love Role-Play)
NAMINOKE *N*small flower's crown wht (We Love Role-Play)
NAMINOKE *N*Chinese lantern dryad L red (We Love Role-Play)
NAMINOKE *N*Chinese lantern dryad R red (We Love Role-Play)
.: Runic :. Mythra Staff (Enchantment)

--- Scene

{LORE} Elven Gazebo (with ivy) (Enchantment)
{LORE} Elven Table Set (Enchantment)
{LORE} Fiddleheads
{LORE} Peeper Plant
.:Tm:. Creation [The Magic Ring] Fantasy Scene GM23 (Enchantment)
The Looking Glass TLG - The Lantern Tree RARE
The Looking Glass TLG - Harmony Garden Rockery Large
DRD - Swamp Shack - Tree
(Milk Motion) The rainforest waterfall - Scene
{anc} chemical sparks {fire}
E.V.E Sunny Spells M02 - w/o Glitter

--- Pose

Stardust - Guardian - 04 Bento Pose (Enchantment)