Oct 27, 2018

2018 1027 Blueberry Aria Set@Main Store | GOS@uber | The Epiphany - Consignment, Thor & The Secret Store


--- Blueberry@Main Store

  Blueberry - Aria -  Button Up Top - UNDER WAIST WRAP - Hourglass
  Blueberry - Aria -  Button Up Top - Wrap Around Waist - HG
  Blueberry - Aria - Stylized Pants - Blueberrybooty - Hourglass

--- [Gos] Boutique@uber

  [Gos] Khloe Platforms - Materials [slink]

--- The Epiphany (Mirror)

 - Consignment - Quad Bikes Gacha by ValiantCo

  [Con.] The Quad Bike - yellow

 - The Secret Store - Folk Teapots Gacha by Maylee Oh

  The Secret Store - Folk Teapot - Ivory RARE

 - ..::THOR::.. Eclectic Vintage Gacha by andraus Thor

  ..::THOR::.. 1930 French Postal Desk - RARE
  ..::THOR::.. A Cup Of Tea Book
  ..::THOR::.. Chocolat Pillow
  ..::THOR::.. Envelope  with Stamp
  ..::THOR::.. French Postage Pillow
  ..::THOR::.. Lateralus Book
  ..::THOR::.. Meadow Book
  ..::THOR::.. Mid Century Book
  ..::THOR::.. My Life Book
  ..::THOR::.. Old Drugs Cabinet - RARE
  ..::THOR::.. Old Foldable Lamp
  ..::THOR::.. Old Typewriter
  ..::THOR::.. Paris FL Book
  ..::THOR::.. Post Magazine Holder
  ..::THOR::.. Post Office Sign
  ..::THOR::.. Round Side table
  ..::THOR::.. Small Wooden Drawer - VIP
  ..::THOR::.. Stories of the Night Book
  ..::THOR::.. The angler Journal
  ..::THOR::.. The Beehive Book
  ..::THOR::.. Train Station Bench
  ..::THOR::.. Vintage Portfolio
  ..::THOR::.. Wire Metal Basket

--- Avatar

Tableau Vivant \\ Claudia addon
Tableau Vivant \\ Catwa hairbase 06
Insol 'Just Alice' skin - 1. Creme
AG. Charm Eyes - Sky
lychee. // eyeliner 002 (Harajuku Event)
MICHAN - Sakurina Lashes
Insol "Liquid Diamonds" Lips
The Looking Glass TLG - Antique Necklaces Gacha - Gypsy Earring RARE
+Half-Deer+ Forest Charm - Acorn Necklace (Gold)
Slink Physique Mesh Body Hourglass

--- Scene

..::THOR::.. Eclectic Vintage Gacha (The Epiphany)
The Secret Store - Folk Teapot - Ivory RARE (The Epiphany)
[Con.] Stepside Pick-up - Blue rust
[Con.] The Quad Bike - yellow (The Epiphany)
DRD - SC Gas Station work bench c/m
PsiNanna, Inc. - Cyber Repair Shop - Utility Cart Full (COMMON)
:HAIKEI: Old Stray Paper
Tres Blah Hodgepodge - Snail Mail
[n.i] over.grown.cacati.book
 -ANHELO- G01B5-168GA :: recycling B
floorplan. leaning chalkboards
floorplan. palmist sign
floorplan. le poulet chalkboard
{Ghoul] Ganged Up Sex Chalk Board
8f8 - Indoor DIY Spring BOOKS Box - COLORS
Storybook - Shabby Holidays - Crate Blue Tartan
Soy. Shitamachi Alley Garden - Potted Plant - E
Soy. Flat house with a inner court
{-Maru Kado-} Oil Stove_fat (2Li) RARE
{-Maru Kado-} Sleep Cat 2 (2Li)
{-Maru Kado-} Sleep Cat 5 (2Li)
*tentacio* where is max?
E.V.E Sunny Spells M02 - w/o Glitter

--- Pose