Sep 26, 2018

2018 0926 [The Forge] & (Milk Motion)@uber

The cistern

--- [The Forge]@uber

  [The Forge] Abbey Harness, Oil

--- (Milk Motion)@uber

  (Milk Motion) - The cistern

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Tableau Vivant Faux Dreads - The End (F) - Naturals 1
Insol Josy CATWA applier, tone 'Creme' (uber)
Insol Princess Casket Lashes
AG. Charm Eyes - Sky
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Vincue Starry+Pastie [Maitreya]
[The Forge] Plasmoid Katana. Cosmetic

--- Scene

(Milk Motion) - The cistern (uber)
E.V.E {Apocaliptica} Cyber Snake Chains
E.V.E  Chained to the First Kiss
E.V.E {Poison Rain} Synapses Fishes
[n.i] splish.splash
{anc} chemical sparks {fire}
{anc} chemical sparks {dust}

CURELESS+[n.i] aliceinmonsterland / 08 / jabberwocky
CURELESS [+] The Twelfth Night / Perchta Hands

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Poseidon Poses - White Wolf 6