Sep 20, 2018

2018 0920 Lootbox opens Sep 20th 10PM SLT

Sakura September

--- Lootbox (Sep 20th 10PM SLT ~ )

 - NAMINOKE - *N*Flower Pipe Gacha

  *N*Sakura_Pipe #2 Rare
  *N*SakuraPetals on face #1 (lootbox)
  *N*SakuraPetals on face #2 (lootbox)


  ANATOMY - Tiered Eyes - Albino Light RARE OMEGA

 - [Cubic Cherry] - Bewitched gacha

  00A[Cubic Cherry] {Bewitched} Hat starry pink
  01[Cubic Cherry] {Bewitched} Hair RARE
  17[Cubic Cherry] {Bewitched} Collar black

  - Original mesh/materials enabled
  - 1 rares 16 commons
  - (until at the event, the rare contain 3 additional exclusive limited items)

--- Avatar

Insol 'Just Alice' gacha - 1. Just me Milk
Insol Princess Casket Lashes
ANATOMY Tiered Eyes - Albino Light RARE OMEGA (Lootbox)
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
**RE** Alexis Glove L - RARE
[The Forge] Angelica.

--- Scene

.random.Matter. -Magical Girl - Cauldron [Purple]
NAMINOKE *N*FlowerPixi's Book shepherd purse
NAMINOKE *N*FlowerPixi's Book plum Pnk RARE
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Cauldron with Scrolls - COMMON
Kalopsia - Flying leaves (orange)
8f8 - Single Young Sakura WHITE with Beads (No shadow)
{anc} chemical sparks {fire}
{anc} chemical sparks {dust}
{anc} "harugasumi" SAKURAtree {mixpinkB}
{anc} "harugasumi" SAKURAtree {greenB}
Little Branch LB_OakIsland{Seasons}*Big
Skye Enchanted Woods
E.V.E Dancing Petals {Pink}
E.V.E Flowers of the Mist
The Looking Glass TLG - The Ruined Retreat

JIAN Forest Cats

--- Pose

Poseidon Poses - Hot Coffee Blues 3