Aug 9, 2018

2018 0809 Enchantment - The Frog Prince round starts August 11th

Tiana and The Frog

--- Enchantment (Aug 11th~)

 - *Sweet Kajira*

  * SK * Ollive sky sheer top Maitreya
  * SK * Ollive sky Dress Maitreya
  * SK * Ollive sky Skirt Maitreya

 - *The Cove*

  *The Cove* Kissing Frog (wear me) - Hunt Gift
    ↑ with Animation, Crown from NAMINOKE

 - "Moon_Sha"

  "Moon_Sha" Frog Pond


  LAGOM - Fireflies

--- Avatar

Belle Epoque { Christie Hat} Blue (Brown 2)
Insol Tina applier (Collabor88)
Insol Princess Casket Lashes
AG. Charm Eyes - Sky
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara

--- Scene

NAMINOKE *N*Star Dust Crown Gold-2 (on Frog)
The Looking Glass TLG - Our Place to Dream Ruined Wall
The Looking Glass TLG - Our Place to Dream Potted Fence
DRD - MM2 Mystery mansion 2 c/m
+Half-Deer+ Pastel Confetti - Big
E.V.E Flowers of the Mist  part 1{Blue}

Mutresse - Ribald Butler - Party Animal
Unorthodox Underground - Bone Mask - Common

--- Pose

frog_kiss (animation inside *The Cove* Kissing Frog - Enchantment hunt gift)