May 4, 2018

2018 0504 We Love Role-Play - LR Weapons + Salt & Pepper | Fantasy Faire - Poseidon Poses & Birth Skin

Eye of the Beholder

--- We Love Role-Play

LR Weapons

  LR Weapons Niddhogr Sword
  LR Weapons Niddhogr Shield

- Salt & Pepper

  S&P Hara HG

--- Fantasy Faire 2018

Poseidon Poses (taxi)

  The Swallow 2rev

*Birth* (taxi)

  'Penelope' Fantasy Appliers (CATWA)

--- Avatar

Tableau Vivant \\ Summer Hairplay - Sundowner - Nat. dye
*Birth* 'Penelope' Fantasy Appliers (Fantasy Faire)
AG. Charm Eyes - Sky
+ Yokai Mega Make Up Lashes + {aii} 
^^Swallow^^ Ears Elf HD - High Definition
Slink Physique Mesh Body Hourglass

--- Scene

Violetility - Mordred Dungeon
AsteroidBox. Menace Man-trap
{U} The Beholder
[n.i] splish.splash.1 RARE
[n.i] splish.splash.4 RARE
{anc} chemical sparks  {fire}
E.V.E Flowers of the Mist
E.V.E Roots of the Luminescence Tree

--- Pose

Poseidon Poses - The Swallow 2rev (Fantasy Faire)