Feb 5, 2018

2018 0205 The Looking Glass - Love is Pain Accessories Gacha@The Secret Affair

Love is Pain

--- The Looking Glass@The Secret Afair

TLG  - Love is Pain Accessories Gacha

TLG - Love is Pain Blindfold ULTRA RARE
TLG - Love is Pain Choker RARE
TLG - Love is Pain Bracelet RARE (right)

--- Avatar

Sintiklia [MAT]Hair Bay Full Bento FITTED (The Epiphany)
Sintiklia [MAT]Connector UNRIGGED/RESIZED (The Epiphany)
Insol: Diana skin
Insol: "Lily Collection" Brows/Gross/Lips (CATWA)
Slink Physique Mesh Body Hourglass
Blueberry - Icon - Bra - Hourglass

--- Scene

TLG - The Lantern Tree RARE
TLG - The Lantern Tree Tree Surround RARE
TLG - "The Chosen One" ?Wine?
TLG - "The Chosen One" Side Table
TLG - "The Chosen One" Fountain
TLG - "The Chosen One" Cage the Demon
TLG - "The Chosen One" Rotunda
TLG - "The Chosen One" Light Projector
TLG - Our Place to Dream Potted Fence
TLG - Our Place to Dream Ruined Wall

--- Pose

{Lyrium} Profile 3