May 9, 2017

2017 0509 The Fantasy Gacha Carnival - [The Forge] & TURB

Leave the Jedi to me

--- The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

[The Forge] + {le fil cassé} Force Knights Gacha
[LFC] Knightress Dress Maitreya Black
[LFC] Knightress Top Maitreya Black
[LFC] Knightress Skirt Maitreya Black
[The Forge] Cross Saber, Rare

- TURB Tooth Grinder Gauntlet Gacha
TURB - Tooth Grinder Executioner Gauntlet [Female - Left]
TURB - Tooth Grinder Executioner Gauntlet [Female - Right]

--- Avatar

Tableau Vivant \\ Alexa [frizzy chic] fitted [roots] -  Nat I
{aii} + Kintsukuroi Horns + Face Tattoo
Insol: Yolo Skin (The Epiphany)
{S0NG} :: Juniel~ Lime Eyes
Maitreya Mesh Body/Hands - Lara
[The Forge] Sabine, Boots, Black RARE

--- Scene

Skye Scots Pine Forest
{anc} shooting star 
E.V.E Flowers of the Mist
E.V.E Poison Glitter

--- Pose

Poseidon Poses Sirens Botanical Alert