Dec 8, 2016

2016 1208 Tattoo Mania @anyBody - Salt&Pepper and HEXtraordinary@We Love Role-Play


--- Tattoo Mania@anyBody

TattooMania T-09

--- We<3RP 

*HEXtraordinary* Elven Throne
Salt & Pepper S&P bra Boyana Hourglass
Salt & Pepper S&P skirt Boyana Hourglass
Salt & Pepper S&P panties Boyana Hourglass

--- Avatar

Insol: face Candy (CATWA), ST03 'Peach' (uber )
^^Swallow^^ Ears Elf HD - High Definition
IKON Promise Eyes - Parchment
.aisling. Meave -Bracer L- {Silver}
.aisling. Meave -Bracer R- {Silver}
Le Poppycock-*Dark Promises* Depraved (Knife) as prop

--- Scene

Kalopsia - Rosie's Toadstools (Collabor88)
=EliBaily= Ivy 03
The Cube Republics CR Hardy Geranium
The Cube Republics Hecates  Oak v4
[noctis] Dearly departed gravesite with dying roses #1-4
HPMD* Garden Tree09
!APHORISM! Thinker Skeleton

--- Pose

Le Poppycock- A little love (The Chapter Four)