Dec 7, 2016

2016 1207 Astralia - Minx claws@Limit8 - Artisan Fantasy@We Love Role-Play

Minx claws

--- Astralia@Limit8 (starts Dec 8th)

Astralia - Minx claws (Lych gloves and Maitreya) - 200 copies only available.
Parts color change by HUD - Fits for Maitreya and Dead Dollz Lych Gloves at the event.

--- Artisan Fantasy *AF* Christmas 2016 Collection@We<3RP 

*AF* Christmas Tree 2016 Green Branch
*AF* Gift Box 1 Christmas 2016
*AF* Gift Box 2 Hanukkah 2016
*AF* Gift Box 3 Christmas 2016
*AF* Pine Cone Trees Snow Tipped Trio
*AF* Pine Cone Trees Trio
*AF* Wooden Snowflake Green Branch
*AF* Sleigh Bell Green Branch
*AF* Holiday Sconce w Red Ribbon & Pine Cones
*AF* Classic Frame Holiday Green Branch Red Ribbon
*AF* Hacienda Fireplace - Medium White
*AF* Pine Cone People Lg
*AF* Reindeer Bronze
*AF* Christmas Stocking 2016 Plaid with Sleigh Bells
*AF* Christmas Stocking 2016 Burlap with Sleigh Bells

--- Avatar

.Entwined. Sasha
Insol: face Candy (CATWA), ST01 'Milk' (uber )
IKON Charm Eyes - Fjord
Maitreya Mesh Body/Hands - Lara
*Shai* Christmas Santa Hat (wear me) (past gift)

--- Scene

Scarlet Creative - The Arcade - Annelise Cottage (The Arcade)
xinkolouk husky (santa claws)
xinkolouk husky (cookies!)
(fd) Cats

--- Pose

. Infiniti . - Handy 2