Nov 23, 2016

2016 1123 E.V.E@Lost & Found - Happy Dispatch@Tannenbaum

Dream State

--- E.V.E@Lost & Found

E.V.E Dream State


[100% Original Mesh Design/ Materials Enabled/ Animated Mesh Particles Lights/ Morpheus Collection/ Accessory/Pink, Blue, White, Black, Gold, & Silver/ Copy & Resizer]

• Dream State Tags: Pink, Blue, Black, Gold, & Silver

--- Happy Dispatch @Tannenbaum (Starts Nov 25th)

[HD]WinterLover Bench
[HD]Street Light w/ snow

--- Avatar

booN Lab.069 hair(Materials)(Tres Chic)
Insol: face Sarah (CATWA), ST03 'Peach' (Tres Chic)
!gO! Wiola outfit - Maitreya Lara (Whimsical)
Pure Poison - Nikko Sneakers - Maitreya

--- Scene

E.V.E Tornado Nebula Eye Pink [Night, Non scripted]
E.V.E Venus Nori Algae {White}
E.V.E DYSTOPIA Chained Roses {Pink/Gold  with Lights}
E.V.E DYSTOPIA Chained Roses {Blue/Gold  with Lights}
{anc} soil set
{anc} NO LIMITS // flock of flying doves. [sugar white] 4Li
Fawny - Dolly the Sheep

--- Pose

"Sleep1" in [HD]WinterLover Bench