Oct 20, 2016

2016 1020 E.V.E Broken Chains {Connected}@Shiny Shabby

EVE Broken Chains {Connected}

---E.V.E@Shiny Shabby (Starts 20th 12PM SLT)

E.V.E Broken Chains (blog) - Broken Chains Collar and Static/Animating Obejects.


[100% Original Mesh Design / Materials Enabled/ Unisex Accessory/ Broken Chains Collection / Collar and Animated Mesh Particles/ Packs: Gold, Silver, Black, Addon, & FATPACK / Modify and Copy]

• Colors: Gold, Silver, & Black Collar in M1 & M2 versions

• Extra Colors: Black/Silver & Black/Gold Collar (Fatpack Only) in M1 & M2 versions

• Dancing Links Addon: Dancing Links (Animated/Stand Alone) Gold, Silver, Black, Black/Ghost Silver, & Black/Ghost Gold (Size & LI: 4x1x5 & 3)

Inside FATPACK box you will find:
– All color packs of Broken Chains Collar in M1 & M2 versions in addition a Dancing Links Addon pack

Inside Color Pack boxes you will find:
– 1 color of Broken Chains Collar  in M1 & M2 versions

Inside Addon Pack boxes you will find:
– All color versions of Dancing Links

--- Astralia@Memento Mori

Astralia - Vertebra heels with HUD (maitreya)

--- Avatar

Tableau Vivant \\ Miranda - Blonds
Insol: Skin Grace, ST01 'Milk' (Tres Chic)
{S0NG} :: Juniel~ Ice Eyes
Maitreya Mesh Body/Feet  V3.5
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.5.1 - Splayed

Grixdale - Fallen - Top  - Silver Exclusive (The Epiphany)
Grixdale  - Fallen - Panties - Silver Exclusive (The Epiphany)

--- Scene

E.V.E Venus Nori Algae {Blue}
E.V.E Tornado Nebula Eye Blue [Night]
E.V.E Tornado Orion Nebula Fat [Night]

--- Pose

{Lyrium} OnTheFloor_OntheFloor 7