Jun 28, 2016

2016 0628 uber - United Colors Sahara Dress


--- Outfit

UC_Sahara_dress_desert_Slink_Hourglass (uber)

--- Avatar

tram F603 hair
Insol: Face 'Laura' -ST03 'Peach' Applier
IKON Promise Eyes -  Parchment
Slink Physique Mesh Body Hourglass V1.5
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.5 - L -Splayed
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.5 - R - Elegant
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High V3.0

--- Scene
Zaara [home] : 4 Block printed futon *lime*
Zaara [home] : 7 Sheesham inlay coffee table
Soy. TLN Dressing case [black]
Soy. TLN Dressing table [white/black]
Soy. TLN Cosmetic brushes with cup
Soy. TLN Bellows stool [red]
-tres blah- Jolie - Makeup Tower
-tres blah- Jolie - Train Case
-tres blah- Jolie - Eye Makeup
-tres blah- Jolie - Lip Balms
-tres blah- Jolie - Makeup Bag RARE
-tres blah- Jolie - Lotions
-tres blah- Jolie - Savon De Tres Blah
Scarlet Creative - The Arcade Dec 15 Campbell Bench
Scarlet Creative Anya House

(fd) Cats

--- Pose

 +H-D+/Le PC-Kissy Suzukitty + Animare