Nov 30, 2015

2015 1130 Winter Groove

Winter Groove
--- HappyDispatch for The Arcade December Round
[HD]Petphone (0)=Deer= RARE(TEX changer)

--- Outfit
Eaters Coma - HAIR 25 / Mocha (Resizer)
[Foxes] - Cowled Sweater Dress - M. Lara - Cream

--- Scene
[NO CONCEPT] Christmas sled(white) (Tannenbaum)
Studio Skye Enchanted Woods
(fd) cats

Nov 27, 2015

2015 1127 anc Tannenbaum

Anc Tannenbaum
--- Scene
{anc} glass ornament. (SNOW) RARE  (Tannenbaum)
{anc} glass ornament. (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)  (Tannenbaum)
{anc} fairyteil light [dust]  (Tannenbaum)
Botanical - Green Douglas Fir Christmas Tree (Tannenbaum)
Scarlet Creative Greenwich Park House

--- Avatar
*ARGRACE* UREI - Light Brown
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.4
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High Left V2.1
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High Right V2.1
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 - L - Gesture
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 - R - Splayed

Nov 25, 2015

2015 1125 Winter Lover sofa

Winter Lover sofa
--- HappyDispatch new furniture for Tannenbaum Holiday Market
[HD]WinterLover sofa
[HD]DIY end table-Natural OLD-
[HD]DIY end table-White paint-
[HD]DIY end table-Brown OIL-

--- Other Decor
[HD] Wall side stool<Donkey-1>
DRD motel - rug c/m
dust bunny . daisy houseboat

--- Outfit
Eaters Coma - HAIR 70 (KUSTOM9)
SPIRIT - Terry sweetshirt [FM] Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara (N21)
SPIRIT - Terry ripped leggings [FM] Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara (N21)

Nov 24, 2015

2015 1124 Black Sheep

Black Sheep
--- 波野家 NAMINOKE new release for SaNaRae (Starts Nov 25th)

--- Outfit
ISON - spice poncho -Maitreya/Slink Fitted Size- (black)

Nov 23, 2015

2015 1123 Eaters Coma HAIR 70 71 72

Eaters Coma 70 71 72
--- Left
Eaters Coma - HAIR 71 (KUSTOM9)

--- Center
Eaters Coma - HAIR 70

--- Right
Eaters Coma - HAIR 72

--- Outfit
Eaters Coma - Salopette Skirt withTurtleneck Swater (M)

dust bunny . the gable townhouse .
[ba] garden paver path
[ba] beveled stone planter long
Botanical - Seasonal Boxwood Bush (Square) 1x2x1

Nov 22, 2015

Nov 21, 2015

2015 1121 Janis

--- Outfit
[sYs] JANIS shirt  (Shiny Shabby)
FLite.- Athletic Joggers
[monso] My Hair - Minju /Black Brown
*YS&YS* Rodi Bangles 04 L
*YS&YS* Rodi Bangles 04 R

--- Scene
[MG] WelcomeFall Gacha 3 Picnic tray (for friends) (The Gacha Garden)
[MG] WelcomeFall Gacha 2 Rug (for friends) (The Gacha Garden)
{anc} cotton bunny. cappuccino
{anc} cotton bunny. caramel
{anc} sleepwarking. wood sign. stand. wash wood 1Li
--ANHELO-F01BL-159GA :: la voiture de grand-pere
*alirium* ItchyGrass [Gold]
[we're CLOSED] grass field dry 01 - random
[OneDom] Magic Grass - Square 20x20x1 - v2 Copy
3D Trees autumn trees - mossy double oak with ivy M/T

Nov 20, 2015

2015 1120 Crown

--- 波野家 NAMINOKE new release for The Fantasy Collective (Nov 22 -)

*N*Princess Crown Purple
*N*Princess Forehead ornament Purple
*N*Princess Armlet L Purple
*N*Princess Armlet R Purple

↓10L$ TFC birthday round special
*N*Princess Collar(touch to change textrue)

--- Outfit
[Entwined] Alice
Foxes -Vintage Bustier - M - Lavendar
Foxes - Vintage - Skirt -  M -Royal

--- Scene
*N*ANGEL #1 RARE (The Fantasy Gacha Festival)
*N*Star Dust decor_color set1(rez) (KIRA KIRA twinkle star party )
*N*Star Dust decor_color set2(rez) (KIRA KIRA twinkle star party )
{anc} mist cloud [sungold] 

2015 1120 On The Road

On The Road
--- Outfit
.LeLutka.Bey hair.FIT.Swish
KITJA - Lauren Scarf G-V-B FM (Maitreya Lara) (uber)
KITJA - Lauren Sweater VINOUS FM (Maitreya Lara) (uber)
KITJA - Lauren Skirt BLACK FM (Maitreya Lara) (uber)

--- Scene
--ANHELO-F01BL-159GA :: la voiture de grand-pere (6 Republic)
[Con.] Wax On/Wax Off Convertible - Yellow
DRD motel- Murder motel
DRD-motel outside seating
DRD motel - sodamachine
DRD motel - trashcan
Mutresse-Cheeky Raccoons-Diving
Mutresse-Cheeky Raccoons-Dancing
Mutresse-Cheeky Raccoons-Cheering
Mutresse-Cheeky Raccoons-Gasping
[MG]Fall leaf promo

Nov 18, 2015

2015 1118 Mon Bel Amour

Mon Bel Amour
--- Outfit
.aisling. Mon Bel Amour - Arms (Gold) [L] (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
.aisling. Mon Bel Amour - Arms (Gold) [R] (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
.aisling. Mon Bel Amour - Bracer (Gold) [L] (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
.aisling. Mon Bel Amour - Bracer (Gold) [R] (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
.aisling. Mon Bel Amour - Chestlace RARE (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
.aisling. Mon Bel Amour - Collar RARE (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
.aisling. Mon Bel Amour - Hand (Gold) [L] (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
.aisling. Mon Bel Amour - Hand (Gold) [R] (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
.aisling. Mon Bel Amour - Ring (Gold) [L] (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
.aisling. Mon Bel Amour - Ring (Gold) [R] (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
.aisling. Mon Bel Amour - Shoulders RARE (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

.LeLutka.Kennedy hair.FIT.B.Swish

--- Scene
DRD hanging fairy lamp (fairies)  light (The Enchantment)
{anc} suger rose field

2015 1118 Harley

--- Shoes

--- Location
Saint Pete City

Nov 15, 2015

2015 1115 Ornaments and Trees

Ornaments and Trees
--- 波野家 NAMINOKE new release for Winter Wonder Hunt
Christmas Gacha at the mall (Mall starts at Nov 15th)

*N*Christmas Doll stand red RARE
*N*Christmas Doll sit green RARE
*N*StarOrnament #1-GS (wear/Rez)
*N*StarOrnament #2-RG (wear/Rez)
*N*Bell Ornament #1-RS (wear/Rez)
*N*Bell Ornament #2-GG (wear/Rez)
*N*Bell Ornament #2-RG (wear/Rez)

Hunt Prizes (Hunt/Game starts at Nov 22nd)

*N*Christmas Bell with Angels

--- Trees
Hunt Prize from Monkey Girl

[MG]Christmas tree(Green) prize
[MG]Christmas tree(Red) prize

--- Wrath on the back
[MG]Iron Wreath LOVE Red @KIRA KIRA twinkle star party (Nov 14th - Dec 6th)

--- Outfit
.LeLutka.Bey hair.FIT.Swish
*Shai* Crazy Christmas Sweater - Bah Humcat Gray RARE

Nov 13, 2015

2015 1113 They eat apples

They eat apples
--- Outfit
.LeLutka.Kennedy hair.FIT.B.Swish
Zaara : Kavita tunic (maitreya) *beige* (Collabor88)
Pure Poison - Anna Sandals - Maitreya (Collabor88)
(NO) Garden Locket - White  (The Epiphany)

--- Elephannts
Fawny - Somewhere in the savannah.Exclusive Mount  (The Epiphany)
Fawny - Somewhere in the savannah.Companion - Gray  (The Epiphany)

--- Cats
(fd) Cats

--- Room and Apples
[ba] haight apartment skybox
Scarlet Creative Mesh Lucky 8 Sofa - Peony
[MG] WelcomeFall Gacha 11 Harvest Apples (The Gacha Garden)

Nov 12, 2015

2015 1112 Wreaths

---[MONKEYGirl] cute wreaths for KIRA KIRA twinkle star party (Nov 14th - Dec 6th)
[MG] Iron Wreath LOVE Red
[MG] Iron wreath STAR Green
[MG] Iron Wreath NOEL Brown

--- Outfit
Eaters Coma - HAIR 25
[Foxes] - Cowled Sweater Dress - M. Lara - Cream (Collabor88)

--- Cats<3
+Half-Deer+ Cozy Cat (if I fits, I sits) - Brown Tabby (Collabor88)
(fd) Cats

--- Set
dust bunny . daisy houseboat .
[Con.] FLF Naptime Bookcase
Studio Skye Enchanted Woods and Pond

Nov 11, 2015

2015 1111 Fun couple pose

Fun couple pose
--- HappyDispatch new couple pose set for KIRA KIRA twinkle star party (Nov 14th - Dec 6th)
[HD]Kirakira Multi pose M&F (22 to 27 )

--- Scene
DRD studios studio lot building 
DRD studios Camera
DRD studios Filmrolls
DRD studios lights

--- Outfit
me> this :)

Nov 10, 2015

2015 1110 DMK

--- Demekins ...Pop eyed gold fishes
Birdy. Feesh - Mount  - Pearl (The Epiphany)
Birdy . Feesh - Pet - Pearl (The Epiphany)
Birdy. Feesh - BB Feesh - Patch (The Epiphany)

--- Gear
[The Forge] Diver's Helm, Copper

--- Scene
{anc} mist cloud
{anc} ripple. oil

Nov 9, 2015

2015 1109 November Warriors

November Warriors
--- Outfit
Alchemy. Winter Queen - Ice Set (The Fantasy Gacha Festival)
Genesis_Head_Tara_2.0 13
[White~Widow] Southpaw Tattoo- White - RARE
!dM Norath "Bezerker's Axe of Two Blades"

--- Bears
Alchemy. Winter Queen - Polar Bear - Mount - Ice (The Fantasy Gacha Festival)
Alchemy. Snow Queen - Polar Bear - Companion - Ice (The Fantasy Gacha Festival)

--- Location

2015 1109 KIRA KIRA Twinkles

--- 波野家 NAMINOKE new release for KIRA KIRA twinkle star party (Nov 14th - Dec 6th)
*N*Star Dust Crown Gold-1
*N*Star bracelet Silver-1 slink casual L
*N*Star bracelet Silver-1 slink casual R
*N*Star bracelet-Silver Slink hand(forearm_L)

*N*Star bracelet-Silver Slink hand(forearm_R)
*N*Star Dust decor - color1
*N*Star Dust decor - color2

--- Outfit
[INK] Hair___MARY ::Mocha
ISON - divine dress -M- (light)

--- Scene
*N*ANGEL #1 RARE (The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
*N*ANGEL #2 RARE (The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
*N*HUG DOLL PANDA B&W -C (The Gacha Garden)
*dust bunny . fairy house . yellow
Botanical - T2C Sugar Maple
*alirium* ItchyGrass [DarkGreen]

Nov 8, 2015

2015 1107 Catby and Strappy

Catby and Strappy
--- Outfit
-tres blah- Catby Shrug (Maitreya) - Dotty (Collabor88)
-tres blah- Strappy Cami (Maitreya) - White (Collabor88)
-tres blah- Lovett Skirt (Maitreya) - Dots
Eaters Coma - HAIR 69 (uber)
(Yummy) Bottle Necklace - Tube/Sand (The Epiphany)

--- Location
Loch Noble

Nov 3, 2015

2015 1103 Sanctuary

--- Scene
{anc} forest lanterns
{anc} sleepwarking. rose wreath. vintage cream
{anc} sleepwarking. ribbons. cream
{anc} sleepwarking. ribbons. black
{anc} sleepwarking. rose wreath. rust black
{anc} sleepwarking. thisway sign
{anc} sleepwarking. wood sign. stand. wash wood
{anc} sleepwarking. wood sign. broken. damage wood
{anc} suger rose field
{anc} ripple. oil
+Half-Deer+ Deadwood Tree (Collabor88)

--- Outfit
Blues. Maleficent - Fades 1
Genesis_Head_Tara_2.0 13
ISON - spice poncho (black) (uber)

--- Pose by HolySun .*H+S*.LeanReading .

Nov 2, 2015

2015 1102 Le Femme

Le Femme
--- Outfit
M.BIRDIEstory . HalloweenCostume A - Convict HAT3
M.BIRDIEstory . HalloweenCostume A - Convict2-3 M
M.BIRDIEstory . HalloweenCostume A - Convict Shoes4 M
(NO) Pixie Cut (Tattoo) - Brown/Blonde Ombre
MI86579 Mesh Handgun 92A1

--- Scene
DRD motel - airconditioning
DRD motel - frames
DRD motel - small sidetable
floorplan. the odyssey book
PILOT - Thick Book Stack
DRD motel - phone green
DRD motel - lamp
DRD motel - bed
DRD motel - rug
DRD motel- Murder motel

2015 1102 Angels

--- 波野家 NAMINOKE new release for The Fantasy Gacha Carnival (Starts Nov. 7th)
*N*Angel #2 RARE

*N*Angel #2-Dark RARE

--- Outfit
+Spellbound+ Cream (b) // Grimoire
*Tentacio* Galatea Head (Vamp A)
*Tentacio* Galatea Doll (Inked/Vamp)

Nov 1, 2015

2015 1101 Red!

--- The Gacha Garden
[MG] WelcomeFall Gacha 0 Container
[MG] WelcomeFall Gacha 1 Bench
[MG] WelcomeFall Gacha 3 Picnic tray
[MG] WelcomeFall Gacha 4 Guitar case and reaf
[MG] WelcomeFall Gacha 11 Harvest Apples
[MG] WelcomeFall Gacha 2 Rug
[MG] WelcomeFall Gacha 9 Apple candlestand Red
Jian Puff Pups :: Bundled Chocolate Puff
Culprit Caturday Mariachi
Culprit Caturday  Fisherman

--- Outfit
Eaters Coma - HAIR 26 / Light Mocha
.::Dead Dollz::.  Juniper Maxi Sweater - Hazelnut - Maitreya
Pure Poison - Nikko Sneakers - Maitreya (uber)

2015 1101 PST


--- Outfit
VidaLoca - cholashirt / m  (The Season's Story)
VidaLoca - leggings&panties / m  (The Season's Story)
Lamb. Ultraviolet
{mon tissu} Favorite Readers ~ Black
[BLK2.0] NORAGE_"MAITREYA" #Pinkblue&Black

--- Decor
*LODE* Decor - Golden Shower VASE [white]
AF Annan Sidetable
tarte. twig lights
Ariskea[Mellow ] Autumn Poppy Flower [Orange]
Ariskea[Mellow ] Autumn Poppy Flower [Deep Violet]
DRD MM sidetable ligthbrown/cloth
DRD MM sidetable lightbrown
Scarlet Creative - Meribel House

--- Little buddies
Tentacio good morning (cat)
{Reverie} 'A Weasels Story' Watcher - Grey (The Season's Story)
{Reverie} 'A Weasels Story' Watcher - Albino Gang  (The Season's Story)