Sep 1, 2015

2015 0901 Happy Dispatch @The Arcade Gacha

HD Arcade Sept2015 1 ---
[HD] Wall side stool<LONELY>
[HD] Wall side stool<Donkey-1>
[HD]  Wall side stool<Donkey-2>
[HD]  Wall side stool<Donkey-3>

BUC: Bluprnt Sheer Buckethat (Unrigged)
Lamb. Babylon
SPIRIT - Secret tank top
SPIRIT - Janie ripped jeans

HD Arcade Sept2015 2
[HD]  Wall side stool<DRUNK>
[HD]  Wall side stool<Zzz>

Eaters Coma - HAIR 61
-Pixicat- Darling.Dress - Red

dust bunny. small spaces kitchen
Trompe Loeil - Timeless Kitchen Table
BALACLAVA!! Lazy Meals - Microwave Oven

HD Arcade Sept2015 3 ---
[HD]  Wall side stool<MACHO>
[HD]My Dumbbell rack --- 50% off for The Mix event this month!

Eaters Coma - HAIR 59
Eaters Coma - Tied Up T-shirt
Eaters Coma - Triple Striped Leggings - available at uber

[HD]Workout mat
=EliBaily= Dover Clothes Gacha_Pipe Shelves
=EliBaily= Dover Clothes Gacha_Pipe Rack

HD Arcade Sept2015 4
[HD]  Wall side stool<COUPLE> RARE

Eaters Coma - HAIR 54
Foxes - The Gamer - Lunar Puss
(fd) Girl Power Platforms - Black + White

(NO) Sleepy Cat Pot - Carved Stone
dust bunny . maple cottage